Saturday, November 26, 2011

Western on Sale

With the large number of people that recently picked up one of the new Kindles or other ereaders, I decided to offer a deal to you. In order to give you a fun read to put on your new device, I am now offering my western, Unlikely Trio, for only 99 cents a copy. I plan on leaving this price for at least the next week or so, but if the response is good, I may leave that as the permanent price.

Think back to the days of the pulp fiction western. This book seeks to recreate that era. A quick fun read of only about 8,500 words.

Three men are close friends, despite their different backgrounds. One is a lawman, one is a gambler, and the third is a man that tinkers on both sides of the law when times call for it. Now toss in a down on her luck girl with her cap set for the gambler and sparks are bound the fly.

The lawman wants to gather up the team to go after five outlaws who shot up a gambling hall and killed a barmaid. Certain things cannot be allowed to stand, and the death of a woman is one of them. Although the lawman wants to bring them back for trial, the gambler has vengeance on his mind.

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  1. Glad I tried this book(ette). It's about the real Old West--brutal yet romantic--without the modern hollywood hype.