Monday, November 28, 2011

The Motivation Behind Diary of a Zombie

Most of my writing has been in the area of westerns, although I occasionally dabble in other areas of fiction as well. This book was my first attempt at the zombie genre, but I wanted to take it in a new direction. Most zombie books that I had read revolved around the slow, lumbering moaning undead, along with a lot of gore. I felt that was too limiting, and I felt there was room for a thinking man's zombie book.

That is where the idea for this novella came from. I wrote this book as a series of letters that were written to the mortal world by the leader of the zombies, with the mortal world as the intended audience. Although this is in the genre of horror, the intent is also to make us take a step back and think. Maybe it is not they that are the monster.

Thanks again to all of you that have made Diary of a Zombie a successful release. I was hoping there was room for a different type of zombie story, and you proved me right.

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  1. Although you'll need a stomach for brains (pun intended), it didn't bore me. Like other Sayer's stories, it's short enough if you're on the go, full enough to keep you thinking after. And in this case, watching your back!